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Collaborative Retail Planning to Bring Resilience to Your Supply Chain

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In today’s world, the Retail & CPG industry faces many challenges that have created an urgent need for a robust and resilient supply chain. With the increasing competition, global disruptions, and changing consumer behavior, retail companies need to ensure that their supply chain can adapt to these challenges and maintain smooth operations, raising the need for Collaborative Planning.  

Collaborative retail planning involves all stakeholders in the retail supply chain, including suppliers, retailers, and logistics providers, working together to create a common action plan. By implementing a collaborative retail planning process, companies can benefit from improved demand forecasting accuracy, reduced stockout risk, and increased efficiency. It is particularly crucial for perishables, short product lifecycle merchandise, and a broader range of products. While these products drive traffic, revenue, and margin for retailers, they also come with unique challenges that require effective collaboration between retailers and suppliers.

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring expert speakers from PartnerLinQ, Visionet, and Forrester, and learn more about Collaborative Retail Planning to bring Supply chain excellence.


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George Lawrie
VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

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Ali Zubairy
GM | Europe & UKI, Visionet

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Ahmed Raza
SVP, Head of SaaS Products & Platforms, PartnerLinQ


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Dave Wilson
Assoc. IT Director Client Solutions & Success,

Key Takeaways

During this engaging session, our speakers will share their insights and practical tips on:

  • How to create a collaborative planning culture to support your planning process and build more effective relationships with suppliers and customers.

  • The cost of poor collaboration between retailers and their suppliers, including markdowns or write-offs, out-of-stock situations, poor return on inventory investment, and failed promotions.

  • How to leverage big data, cloud computing, AI/ML, and predictive analytics to deliver effective ways to plan and forecast demand, streamline production processes, promote sustainable sourcing and better coordinate promotions, and monitor supplier performance.

  • How partner and customer collaboration can support retail planning and ultimately accelerate revenue growth while ensuring customer satisfaction 

  • What’s next? How PartnerLinQ can help multi-enterprise collaboration, network visualization, and intelligent planning and forecasting to mitigate supply chain challenges?

Whether you’re a retailer or a supplier, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Register now to secure your spot and learn from our experts in the field.

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